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Collection of Consumption Voucher

For electronic registrations or paper registrations submitted during the registration period of the Scheme, consumption vouchers will, upon verification of the registrants' eligibility, be disbursed to their specified stored value facility accounts according to a specific timetable (click here for the disbursement timetable).


AlipayHK, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK

For registrants who choose to collect consumption vouchers through AlipayHK, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK, the Government will, upon verification of their eligibility, directly injected the consumption vouchers into their specified SVF accounts through the SVF operators concerned according to the specific timetable. To use the consumption vouchers, the registrants only need to open the Apps. If the registrants have enabled the Push Notification function in the Apps, the SVF operators concerned will send a push notification via the Apps reminding them that a consumption voucher has been disbursed to their accounts.



For registrants who choose to receive consumption vouchers through Octopus cards (including Octopus card on Mobile), upon verification of their eligibility, an SMS notification will be sent to them after each disbursement of consumption vouchers. They may tap the registered cards to collect the vouchers at:

  • Subsidy Collection Points under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme at MTR stations, Light Rail Customer Service Centres, designated piers and public transport interchanges
  • All outlets of 7-Eleven, Circle K and Wellcome supermarket (including Market Place, Market Place by Jasons, Jasons ichiba and 3hreesixty)
  • Octopus Service Points
  • Octopus App (by tapping cards on mobile phones*)
    • Android - NFC-enabled mobile devices
    • iOS - iPhone 7 or newer models with iOS 13 or above, or connected with an Octopus Mobile Reader
    * Those who have transferred their physical Octopus cards to Octopus card on Mobile (including Octopus on iPhone or Apple Watch, Huawei Pay Octopus or Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay) need not tap their cards.

Consumption vouchers will be deposited into the Octopus cards as stored value. Each instalment of consumption vouchers is valid for collection within three months. People who fail to collect the concerned consumption vouchers within the three-month period will be deemed to have relinquished the vouchers. Since Octopus has a stored value limit (in general $3,000 at present), the cardholder may first use the stored value of his/her Octopus card for payment if it has reached its limit. He/she may then tap his/her card to collect the consumption voucher disbursed when the balance of the stored value is below the limit. Registrants may, having regard to the stored value of their Octopus, collect the consumption vouchers disbursed in each instalment several times separately within the three-month period.

A registrant will receive the third $1,000 consumption voucher if his/her cumulative total eligible spending has reached $4,000 (click here to learn more about eligible spending) within the specified period from the disbursement of the first consumption voucher. Please click here for some examples illustrating the arrangements for registrants to collect the third consumption vouchers in different scenarios.