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Paper Registration Forms

Paper form

Apart from electronic registration, eligible persons may choose to put their paper registration forms along with a copy of their Hong Kong identity card in the designated drop-box placed at any post offices or designated bank branches (click here for the list of drop-box locations) during office hours between 4 July and 14 August 2021. There is no need for them to queue up to submit paper forms.

Upon verification of the registrants' eligibility, the first consumption voucher ($2,000) will in general be disbursed to the stored value facility accounts specified by the registrants on 1 September 2021 (click here for a detailed disbursement timetable).

Registrants will normally be notified of their registration results about 2 weeks after submission of registration forms.

Paper registration forms can be downloaded from the Scheme website (click here to download forms) starting from 28 June 2021. You may also click here for the distribution locations of paper registration forms.

Registrants may click here to view the infographic on how to complete the registration form.