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Existing Registrants (People who have received consumption voucher(s) under 2022 (Phase I) Consumption Voucher Scheme)

(Unless otherwise specified, "Consumption Voucher Scheme" or "the Scheme" mentioned in this page refers to 2022 (Phase II) Consumption Voucher Scheme)

For eligible people who have received consumption voucher(s) under 2022 (Phase I) Consumption Voucher Scheme ("CVS"), the Government will use their existing registration record to verify their eligibility for the Scheme. In general, they will be notified of the verification result by SMS message one week after the registration period (i.e. after 23 July 2022). If eligible people do not intend to change their stored value facility ("SVF") account for receiving consumption vouchers or other registration records, they do not need to go through any procedure and will be disbursed with $5,000 vouchers by instalments according to their eligibility.

People who want to change their SVF account for receiving vouchers in Phase II or other registration records may submit application electronically through the registration portal in the Scheme website or by going to any of the temporary service centres during the registration period (23 June to 23 July 2022). In general, an SMS notification will be sent to inform the registrant of the relevant result around one week after submitting the application. Please note that under normal circumstances, registrants are only allowed to amend record related to the SVF once. Any subsequent request for amendment submitted after the first successful amendment of registered SVF record will be regarded as duplicated application and will not be further processed. Each SVF account can only be registered once under 2022 Consumption Voucher Scheme.

For verifying a registrant's eligibility, the Government has appointed Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as contractor to conduct random checks on whether selected registrants satisfy the requirement related to permanent departure from Hong Kong. Upon receipt of an SMS notification sent by the contractor via the designated telephone number, selected registrants have to provide documents to prove that they satisfy the eligibility criteria. As it takes time for the verification process, the disbursement of consumption voucher(s) for some selected registrants may be affected.

Electronic registration portal

Existing eligible registrants may change their SVF accounts for receiving consumption vouchers or other registration records through the registration portal (click here to enter) in the Scheme website.

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Temporary Service Centres

People may also visit one of the temporary service centres directly to amend their registration record under the Scheme through the electronic registration portal with the assistance of the staff of temporary service centres. To avoid waiting, people can make appointment to these centres in advance by calling the Scheme hotline 18 5000.

Please click here to learn about the procedure.

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