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Amendment of Stored Value Facility Account or Other Registration Records – Electronic Registration Portal

(Only applicable to existing registrants: People who have received consumption voucher(s) under 2022 (Phase I) Consumption Voucher Scheme)

(Unless otherwise specified, "Consumption Voucher Scheme" or "the Scheme" mentioned in this page refers to 2022 (Phase II) Consumption Voucher Scheme)

Existing eligible registrants can change the SVF account for receiving the vouchers in Phase II or other registration records through the electronic registration portal in the Scheme website during the registration period (23 June to 23 July 2022).

Eligible registrants may login the electronic registration portal by answering security questions related to the existing registration records under the Government Consumption Voucher Scheme for identity authentication to submit their application for amendment of registration records. Registrants who cannot answer the security questions may input all necessary information first and then upload a copy of their Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card/Hong Kong Identity Card according to instructions for identity authentication. Registrants may also use iAM Smart for authentication and then submit the amendment application directly through the iAM Smart mobile app. Registrants will normally be notified of their relevant results about 1 week after submitting the amendment application.

Registrants using their iAM Smart account for identity authentication may click here for the relevant procedures. Please refer to the relevant webpage of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer ( for details of iAM Smart App.

Registrants not using iAM Smart for identity authentication may click here for the relevant procedure.

People may click here for examples on amendment of registration records under different scenarios.