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New Registration– Temporary Service Centres
(The following procedures are only applicable to new registrants)

(Unless otherwise specified, "Consumption Voucher Scheme" or "the Scheme" mentioned in this page refers to 2022 (Phase II) Consumption Voucher Scheme)

To facilitate people in need, the Scheme has set up temporary service centres at different locations. People may visit any of the temporary service centres during the registration period (23 June to 23 July 2022) to submit registration through the electronic registration portal with the assistance of the centre staff (click here for the addresses and opening hours of the service centres). To avoid waiting, people can make appointment with the service centre in advance by calling the Scheme hotline 18 5000.

Required Documents / Information

In general, people only need to bring along their valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card ("HKPIC")/Hong Kong Identity Card ("HKIC") and the mobile phone containing the stored value facility ("SVF") account or the relevant Octopus Card for collecting the Phase II consumption vouchers.