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Not Using iAM Smart App
(The following procedures are only applicable to new registrants)

(Unless otherwise specified, "Consumption Voucher Scheme" or "the Scheme" mentioned in this page refers to 2022 (Phase II) Consumption Voucher Scheme

  1. Click here to enter the electronic registration portal;
  2. Read "Guidance Notes" and "Declaration and Undertaking of Registrant" and tick the relevant box to indicate acceptance of the terms;
  3. Input Hong Kong Identity Card number and date of issue;
  4. After pre-checking, the system will display an electronic form for the registrant to input the following information:
    1. English Name;
    2. Chinese Name(Optional);
    3. An SMS-enabled local mobile phone number[Note 1]
    4. Stored Value Facility ("SVF") Account for receiving consumption vouchers and its related number;
  5. Declare compliance with eligibility criteria;
  6. Upload HKPIC/HKIC copy by following the on screen instructions;
  7. Click "Confirm" to submit the registration. On screen notification will be displayed to acknowledge receipt of the relevant registration and provide a registration reference number for record and future enquiry;
  8. Click "Save" or "Print" to keep a copy of the registration information and reference number.

Note 1: Please provide an SMS-enabled local mobile number (please note that there is no restriction that contact telephone number can only be registered once) for receiving notifications from the Government or its contractors regarding the Scheme. Otherwise, the Government or its contractors may not be able to timely contact the registrant in processing the registration or on other related issues of the Scheme, which may affect the voucher disbursement time.