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Stored Value Facilities under the Scheme

Eligible persons may choose to receive consumption vouchers through AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK, and provide the related number of their designated stored value facility ("SVF") account for registration under the Consumption Voucher Scheme.

Consumption vouchers to be received through AlipayHK, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK will be disbursed by two instalments (two months apart). The first $2,000 consumption voucher is valid for five months, and the second $3,000 consumption voucher is valid for three months. In other words, the two consumption vouchers can be used at the same time and will expire on the same date.

Consumption vouchers to be received through Octopus cards will be disbursed by three instalments. The amount to be disbursed in both the first and the second consumption vouchers (two months apart) is $2,000, and registrants will receive the third $1,000 consumption voucher if their cumulative total "eligible spending" has reached $4,000 (click here to learn more about eligible spending) within a specified period from the disbursement of the first consumption voucher.

Registrants may choose an SVF that suits their needs and spending habits to receive and use the consumption vouchers (click here for the disbursement timetable).

Registrants are not allowed to switch to another SVF or SVF account after submission of registration. Unless under exceptional circumstances (e.g. loss or malfunctioning of the original SVF account), registrants are also not allowed to switch to another SVF account during the Scheme, and such switching may result in delay in receiving the consumption vouchers. Members of the public should think carefully and choose a suitable SVF and SVF account for receiving the consumption vouchers before registering for the Scheme.

You may click the following links if you want to know how to find the related number of SVF account for registering under the Scheme: